At Morrow Bank, the employees have a good influence on solutions, changes and improvements.

- Liv Myhre, Fraud specialist

Working at Morrow Bank

Several health benefits like weekly training in various categories and the possibility to participate in various sporting events

We want you to love working from our brand new offices, but offer a hybrid workplace.
Become the best version of yourself and continously develop through yearly courses.
We have fun together all year round through After Work gatherings at the office, to winter games on Holmenkollen or treasure hunts around Oslo.

Life at Morrow Bank

I enjoy working in the bank because of the opportunities one has to develop within the bank. During my time in the bank, I have learned to see the overall picture and how the different parts of the company are connected. Good and hard-working colleagues is another reason why Morrow Bank is a pleasant place for me to work in. The social aspect is an important part for me, and with a good team around me, no tasks are impossible for us to solve. Pribynson Theosope, Credit officer
Pribynson Thesoophe
I am one of the lucky ones who started in the bank while still in its early days. My job is very exciting, challenging, and full of content, which is very important to me. I also feel privileged to have had the opportunity to follow Morrow’s journey until today’s well established and confident company. Our organization is clear, and the decision paths are short. Therefore, the employees have a good influence on solutions, changes and improvements. This is why I still am a part of Morrow Bank. I like it !Liv Myhre, Fraud specialist

Why Morrow Bank?

We believe in your professional and personal developmentLearning and developing your personal and professional skills at work is important. At Morrow, our organizational culture is based on knowledge sharing and diversification of tasks. We want to promote a good feedback culture where it is encouraged to challenge yourself and share ups and downs with colleagues.
We have a strong focus on leadership development, were possible recruitment for leadership roles are made internally across departments.

We value equality and diversityWe place great emphasis on equality and diversity when we look for new colleagues. As a result, we have over 10 different nationalities in the bank and have a good gender distribution across departments and in leading roles. We’re proud that our employees come from so many different backgrounds as this adds different experiences and knowledge to the work in the bank.
You get involved in process and innovationThe banking and finance industry is constantly evolving and becoming fully digital. Increasing competition from new products and players, and new demands from customers and authorities, require rapid adjustment and a large degree of innovation.
You will be part of a great social environmentTo strengthen the good environment and our strong collaborative culture, we arrange several social activities during the year. The events vary - from After Work gatherings with quiz in the office, to winter games on Holmenkollen or treasure hunts around Oslo. We also participate in various sporting events and offer weekly training in various branches. Among other things, we have a tradition of participating in the Finans NM in soccer and running groups in training for Sentrumsløpet and the Holmenkollen relay.

Employee Value Proposition

We come together to challenge status quoinfluence decisions and create an inspirational environment!

Our values

  1. F


    We are curious, value different perspectives and are open to try new things. We are agile, try harder and move faster to provide our customers with the right solution.

  2. A


    We have high standards and set high targets to develop and challenge ourselves and others. We take responsibility, engage and encourage each other to ensure that we deliver.

  3. C


    We are professional, keep our promises and deliver with the right quality. We are transparent and communicate in a language that everyone understands.

  4. E


    We believe in automated straightforward solutions both for our customers and ourselves. We actively seek to eliminate waste in time and money to continuously improve.
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